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      We offer a comprehensive service that begins with an initial consultation (completely free and with no obligation), so we can learn a little about your publication and your readership profile. From there we can advise you as to the sort of recreational puzzles or prize competitions that we feel would best enhance your magazine’s image, increase your circulation and encourage greater loyalty from your readers.

      A puzzle or a spread of puzzles can be an economical way to fill a half or full page if, for example, advertising space has not been sold. And a competition offering even small prizes can put a smile on your readers’ faces – after all, in times of economic downturn, who doesn’t want to feel like a winner?

      The easiest way to get in touch is by clicking here and dropping us an email. Alternatively use the contact form on this page.

      Tell us a little bit about your publication (in full confidence, naturally), and we will get back to you promptly to set up an initial meeting.




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